My goal was to make PREMIUM QUALITY unique dog collars and leashes for all dogs including my own. After numerous internet searches and visiting few local pet stores I was not able to find unique adjustable Premium high-quality waterproof collars and leashes at an affordable price. Even though most of waterproof dog collars and leashes seemed to be only designed for hunting dogs specific. I felt that the choices were limited, and the collars were very expensive, not stylish at all, little bulky, heavy and not flexible enough. It also did not fall into my idea of Premium, durability and affordable. So, I took matters into my own hands. I tested several types of strapping and hardware. Eventually, I located the materials and the hardware I needed to make my PREMIUM QUALITY & durable dog collars and leashes. After some trial and error and learning how to manage this super strong material, I learned how to make collars and leashes that are stylish, durable, low maintenance, hygienic, easy to clean, waterproof, dirt and stink proof. The best part is that they are suitable for all dogs, small to large, energetic to couch potatoes and all this at affordable price. At first my designs were prettysimple, but I began to innovate and add elements to both the collars and leashes that would make them PREMIUM QUALITY, durable & affordable and achieved my goal to get that PREMIUM QUALITY dog collar that I dreamed of.

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