How To Determine Your Dog’s Collar Size

The measurement of your dog’s neck is the size of the collar it needs. No guesswork needed to buy a collar that fits your dog correctly and comfortably. For example, if you measure your dog’s neck and get 16”, you should pick a 16” collar OR a collar where 16” is comfortably within the size range. All of our dog collars you will be able to adjust to proper size for your dog. Simply measure your dog’s neck for the proper collar size. There should always be enough room between the pet’s neck and the collar to slip one finger between them comfortably. This ensures that the collar isn’t too tight.

Here are a few different methods for measuring your dog’s neck:

Measure your dog’s neck with a sewing tape.
Wrap a string around your dog’s neck. Mark the string and then measure the length of it with a ruler or tape measure.